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The opinions on Geisha Bath House in Madison, WI?

Has anyone used or know someone who has used one in East Wash?

I tell you more about the geisha house (East Wash), but I can tell you more about the Rising Sun (W. Main St., half a block a block from the Place du Capitole). They have these services available same. The geisha house what I hear, it's a little "classier" and upkept terms of environment and construction, but also heard they are more expensive than the Rising Sun. I also heard that FS can be a problem too. The Rising Sun is a hole in the wall above a bar. It has three private rooms, each with a bathroom with shower running. In the background is a hot tub that I personally would not trust the cleanliness … you never know what might escape. Anyway, this place is quite unfortunate in the looks, but so far not a priority, we get what we want here. Hope this helps.

Interesting! I couldn’t locate a Web site for the Geisha Bath House, but I’ve come across some unexpected reviews — a sample.


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