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The donna is a man who plays a very important role in the geisha’s life. A geisha never has a chance to have freedom from her “mother” or the geisha house unless she has a donna. First, there is a maiko who must get an “older sister” and be introduced to the clients and geisha community. Next, the maiko will have her mizuage. After this and her training is complete, the maiko goes through a ceremony to become a true geisha. One she is a geisha, men and companies start requesting her at parties and teahouses to entertain them. If a certain man has a thing for the geisha, he can propose to become her donna. This means that he will fully support her, and a geisha’s donna will pay for anything that she wants or needs. This relationship usually does consist of sex. A geisha’s donna is the one man who she can have sexual relations with. If a man never proposes to be a certain geisha’s donna, then most likely she will be forever indebted to her “mother” because it is hard to make enough money all on her own to pay back her “mother” for everything. With a donna’s help, she could pay back her debts and get her own apartment and kimono.

Any good fantasy books???

I have found a lot of good books. Most are fantasy, some are reality books. I have found a lot of good books. Most are fantasy, some are reality books.

Quest for a maid, Midnight for Charlie Bone, Harry Potter books, Stravaganza, Roahl Dahl books, Charles De Lint books, Ella Enchanted, Daughter of the forest, Oracle betrayed, Princess diaries, The angus thongs books, V.C. Andrews books, The series of unfortunate events, Midnight Magic, A great and Terrible beauty, Riding Freedom, Esparenza rising, Any Tamora Pierce book, Posion, Phoenix Dance, Eva Ibbotson books, Chris Paolini books, Donna Jo Napoli books, The Narnia books, Lord of the rings, Pirates!, Bloody Jack, Firebringer, Memories of a Geisha (I know I spelled that wrong), The sight, Narnia books, Cirque Du Freak, The water mirror, and The never-ending story.

My favorite is a great and terrible beauty though.

Based on your list above, I would think you would like R.A. Salvatore. All of his books about Drizzt Do’Urden are wonderful. Suggested reading order as follows:

The Dark Elf Trilogy

The Icewind Dale Trilogy
-The Crystal Shard
-Streams of Silver
-The Halfling’s Gem

Legacy of the Drow
-The Legacy
-Starless Night
-Siege of Darkness
Passage to Dawn

Paths of Darkness
The Silent Blade
-The Spine of the World
-Servant of the Shard
-Sea of Swords

The Hunter’s Blade Trilogy
-The Thousand Orcs
The Lone Drow
-The Two Swords

These are great books and I am not an avid fantasy reader. You would probably also like Madeline L’Engle – A Wrinkle In Time is a great book for any age.

Perhaps one or more of these other websites may be closer to what your are looking for in relation to this post’s title — all the following are being added in an April 28, 2012, post edit. You’ll probably need to put Google Translate to good use for most of these:

Rihanna duetta con Chris Martin e lui la colloca al terzo posto tra le più belle…

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Ecco qui il mio articolo apparso il 26 marzo sullo speciale Vinitaly del Corriere della Sera e che riguardava Elisabetta Foradori (in copertina dello speciale una foto legata al mio servizio). Niente ritorno al passato e tantomeno

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Rihanna: incantevole geisha per i Coldplay, a breve il video di “Princess of China”. Rihanna: incantevole e molto lunghe. Per Chris Martin, voce dei Coldplay, Rihanna rappresenta la terza donna più attraente al mondo.

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The geisha, like the prima donna, has her troubles, being under contract for a number of years with a manager. Oh, that manager! He is in Japan, as in America, a necessary evil. The geishas appear wherever there is an

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Che cosa significa essere donna nel Giappone di oggi? Al di là dello stereotipo della geisha, tutta finezza e sottomissione, la realtà della femminilità nipponica odierna è ancora da scoprire.

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Voici le nouveau clip très coloré de Rihanna redevenue brune depuis peu ; en duo avec le groupe pop rock Coldplay, la chanteuse apparaît en Geisha pour illustrer ce titre inédit intitulé ‘Princess of China’. Chris Martin a

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Movie questions about the 1958 John Wayne film The Barbarian and the Geisha are answered along with questions on the Martin Sheen movie The Incident.

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Rihanna Goes Geisha Glam For Coldplay’s Princess In China Music Video. by Socialite Life Posted on April 26, 2012 · Rihanna In Coldplay’s ‘Princess In China’ Music Video Though the official music video has not been released, this arty clip

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Tak hairan, ketika ditanya langsung soal pengaruh gejolak kenaikan BBM tersebut, Momo mengaku tidak mengikuti perkembangannya. Kerananya, Geisha pun santai saja saat menghadiri acara yang diselenggarakan untuk

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Il costume comprende: Vestito da donna, cintura, ArcoVideo Recensione.

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Nelle sequenze si può chiaramente notare Rihanna come una geisha, con un vestito lungo e nero e unghie dorate lunghissime. Rihanna, oltre ad essere stata la protagonista del video, ha duettato con Chris Martin, voce dei

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Rihanna si trasforma in geisha per i Coldplay · Una donna è incinta di nove bambini · Retrospettive celestiali per la Minetti · Michelle Hunziker,splendida da ogni lato · Ruby intercettata:La ragazza marocchina al… La nuova

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Apr 24, 2012. Msystem – Acid Disco Freaks (Geisha Twins Remix). Related Posts : electronic, Geisha Twins, Msystem. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook. Labels: electronic, Geisha Twins, Msystem

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Farsi un tatuaggio non è solo seguire una moda, ma è esprimere un qualcosa che resti indelebile nel tempo, l’amore per il proprio uomo, o per la propria donna ad esempio; qualche virtù come la forza, o la dedizione verso qualcosa. Altro tema molto interessante anche se meno utilizzato è quello della geisha, questo tipo di tatuaggio nasconde un simbolismo molto bello e interessante; infatti, la geisha, al contrario di quanti molti pensano non è per niente una

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The crying geisha girl stamp is from Non Sequitur. The images were stamped on glossy paper in StazOn Black then I tore a post-it note and sponged in the grass area with Distressed Forest Moss. Next, I punched from another

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Hey Donna. Is this the jewelry that Fergie wore and you’ve been looking for? – Comment on Kim Kardashian’s “Belle Noel” Hair Chain Hair Jewelry Avail Now At HairWeGo (visit shop.hairwegoproducts.com) at Apr 24, 5:42

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Liza Dalby’s Geisha is quite simply one of my very favorite books ever. I’m sure it tops the list of many a Japan lover and has enchanted plenty of other readers who enjoy a glimpse into the secret world of another culture.

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Con l’aiuto della scrittrice americana Rende Brown, dipinge un affresco intimo e coinvolgente della vità di una “donna d’arte”. Contrariamente al pensiero comune, la geisha non può essere paragonata a una prostituta d’alto

Publish Date: 03/28/2012 15:25


Quando una geisha più anziana, che sarà la sorella maggiore, decide che la ragazza è pronta a diventare una geisha a sua volta, si svolge una cerimonia molto formale in cui la ragazza, che prende un nuovo nome, e la donna si legano

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GAROTA, MENINA, RAGAZZA, DONNA-MOBILE, FILIE, FEMME, GIRL, GEISHA, WOMAN, FRAULEIN. Publicado por Arturo Cariceo en 03:47. 1 comentarios: emiliano Jan 13, 2012 10:31 AM !! ResponderSuprimir

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Hi, Donna! I don’t do many Asian themed pieces, either, but I do have that same stamp set!! VERY pretty piece–that paper is fabulous. Thank you for joining in the geisha challenge at Gingersnap Creations! :). ReplyDelete

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Geisha show

Uploaded by DonnaBuckskin on Dec 17, 2007

Geisha show in Kyoto

Dress Tet Patterns Lips Brown Eyes Kimono Geisha Short Pagodas Pipes Japanese Clothes Anime Gi Mouse Pad, Mousepad (10.2 X8.3 X 0.12 Inches)

Dress Tet Patterns Lips Brown Eyes Kimono Geisha Short Pagodas Pipes Japanese Clothes Anime Gi Mouse Pad, Mousepad (10.2 X8.3 X 0.12 Inches)


Decorate your desk at home and office with a personalized mouse pad….

MSD Natural Rubber Gaming Mousepad IMAGE ID: 6152803 geisha

MSD Natural Rubber Gaming Mousepad IMAGE ID: 6152803 geisha


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Geisha Mouse Pad, Mousepad

Geisha Mouse Pad, Mousepad


100% Non-Skid natural rubber back. Cloth surface for high performance. Optical-friendly mouse pad for improved tracking. Vibrant permanent colors that will not fade. Decorate your desk at home and office with a personalized mouse pad….

Smoking Geisha Mouse Pad, Mousepad (10.2 x 8.3 x 0.12 inches)

Smoking Geisha Mouse Pad, Mousepad (10.2 x 8.3 x 0.12 inches)


Custom your own high quality mouse pad. Non-Skid natural rubber back. Cloth surface for high performance. Optical-friendly mouse pad for improved tracking. Vibrant permanent colors that will not fade….

Prima Donna Neroli Full Cup Bra, Geisha, 34G

Prima Donna Neroli Full Cup Bra, Geisha, 34G


NeroliÕs design is reminiscent of elegant Chinese ink drawings. Powerful yet delicate, with black embroidered flowers on a light lace background. A feminine, fragile look, but one that ensures the very best support for your ampler breast. The soft Geisha contrasts exquisitely with the embroidered black flowers….

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