My Wife’s Thailand Tattoo

Yes, the Pisces tattoo in the photo above is my Thai wife’s. The colour is richer than it appears, for the tattoo is reflecting the glare from a camera flash.

Although I have been somewhat interested in having a tattoo since early adulthood, I have never gotten one. Yet my wife has the above tattoo, plus some sort of Oriental script on the back of her neck. She claims that she would like at least one more tattoo — however, I cannot right now recall where it would probably be placed.

One TV programme she often watches is the NY Ink series from TLC (The Learning Channel). I sometimes get drawn in when she has it on TV, for it can be engrossing.

I am not entirely sure why I never got a tattoo for myself. Possibly it was simply because I could not decide upon the perfect design. I once did see a young man in Thailand — a Farang like me — with a fabulous design I would have loved to have gotten copied; but I only saw him in passing, and so I never even spoke to him. And now, in the intervening years, my recollection of the image has diminished to the point that I can no longer adequately describe it.

NY Ink Tattoo Designs might be a means of determining the perfect sort of tattoo.

Now you too can have 24/7 access to more than 25,000 award winning tattoo designs. Browse trough 60 different tattoo categories and enjoy the simplicity of our website. All categories are updated regularly and new tattoos are added insuring that you never run out of ideas.

That is quite a catalogue!

Paid subscribers get access to this catalogue, allowing them to view any of the tattoo designs in fullest detail. Any that may suit one’s purpose can then be printed out, and — I would imagine — be taken to any reputable tattoo artist skilful enough to adapt it. No need to travel to New York!

The tattoo categories on offer are as follows — click on the image for a large view in a new window:

A membership brings more than just that, however. There is the Tattoo Video Vault:

And there is also the Tattoo Learning Center:

I know my wife would probably enjoy a membership; and I might be able to benefit for myself, as well. I might even find something close enough to that tattoo I once saw in Thailand — it was not a Geisha, nor at all Japanese. But I do like some Geisha tattoo designs that I have seen, as well as other Japanese imagery.

What about you? Have you wanted a tattoo, but have not been able to make that permanent decision on just which design you really want?

Perhaps consider a membership — click on the image below to access the actual sign-up portal:

Please note, however, that the paid membership varies, according to duration. When I last checked, the membership rates were as follows:

  • $19.97: Six months
  • $24.97 One year
  • $29.97 Unlimited

I would imagine the last level is a lifetime membership.  I am seriously considering buying my wife a lifetime membership.  Our anniversary is May 30 — it’s not exactly the perfect anniversary present, but I know she would get a great deal of enjoyment out of it, and might even find what she wants for her next tattoo.

It would certainly be a whole lot cheaper than letting her travel back to her village in Thailand where she got her Pisces tattoo!

My Zombie Wife at a Hallowe’en Party

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